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oneSafe is a super-secure safe that lets you store all your confidential information in one place. It's Fort Knox in your pocket.

More than 12 years ago, we released the first version of oneSafe.

Today, we're proud to ship a brand new version of oneSafe, rebuilt from the ground up, more secured and friendlier than ever, leveraging the latest technologies available on iOS and Android.

Use oneSafe now. Free for everyone.

Secure now your digital life with our super robust safe on iOS and Android. You can put in oneSafe your passwords, notes, photos, videos, files, banking information etc.
We focused on security and privacy. There are no ads, and no creepy tracking in oneSafe.

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Now available on App Store

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Because when we talk about security, it's important to know more than just a name.

Discover our manifesto. Why and how we're building oneSafe to help everyone protect their privacy and security.

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We want oneSafe to be a product that is as open as possible. To make it safer and friendlier. Join the community on Discord!

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Looking for oneSafe 5 website? Please follow this link.

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