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oneSafe iOS is a universal app for iPhone and iPad. oneSafe Android is available on smartphone and tablet.
Mac users? visit oneSafe Mac website
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They ❤️ what we do

Editor's choice + "Apps We Love"

- Apple App Store Team, Feb 2017

Listed in top password managers

- Joshua Rotter - Cnet

Wired review featuring of oneSafe

- Wired Review Team

iMore Allyson Kazmucha featuring of oneSafe
oneSafe is incredibly powerful and user-friendly

- Allyson Kazmucha - iMore

Allyson Kazmucha iMore review featuring of oneSafe
oneSafe is well built, robust, and easy to use

- Marco Tabini - Macworld

NYC Kit Eaton New York Times featuring of oneSafe
oneSafe has cuter graphics than its rivals

- Kit Eaton - New York Times


Fort Knox in your pocket. For everyone. 🚀

We believe in security for everyone. Not only for big corporations or governments. But for you, all.
And you will use oneSafe every day, so we made it simple and beautiful.

Secure your digital life

Not only your passwords. You can secure everything. Scan a card. Import your photos, videos, documents. Well... all what you want super secured.

Make it yours

oneSafe is customizable: change the tint, categories' icons or backgrounds, cards, etc. Just make it your own.

Fingerprint enabled

oneSafe is super easy to open, with your fingerprint. No Touch ID or fingerprint scan on your device? We have many other ways to secure your safe: TRI-PIN, Pattern...

No hidden cost

Pay just one time, and have all features available to you. Unlike our competitors.

Quick tour - iPhone and Android

  • screenshot of oneSafe login TRIPIN PIN Password
  • screenshot of oneSafe login TRIPIN PIN Password
  • screenshot of oneSafe categories and items
  • screenshot of oneSafe login TRIPIN PIN Password
  • screenshot of oneSafe cards in a category
  • screenshot of oneSafe login TRIPIN PIN Password
  • screenshot of oneSafe card details
  • screenshot of oneSafe password fullscreen viewer
  • screenshot of oneSafe audit security on password
  • screenshot of oneSafe settings decoy safe auto-lock backup synchronization self destruct
  • screenshot of oneSafe item with password and integrated browser
  • screenshot of oneSafe password generator

You will be safer 😘

Seriously, your privacy's worth it.
All the data you store in oneSafe is encrypted locally
on your device using AES 256. Learn more.

TRI-PIN: the most secure PIN

oneSafe now comes with the new revolutionary TRI-PIN technology, making the storage of your most valuable information more secure than ever. Your password to open oneSafe can be ❤️ 9 ☯️ ⚫️. And the TRI-PIN keyboard changes each time you login, so that nobody can guess it. Learn more.


By default, your data are local, only. But if you want to synchronize your devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android), you can activate the synchronization in oneSafe's Settings. You can use iCloud or Dropbox. oneSafe encrypts everything before leaving your device. There is absolutely no data shared without encryption.

Many other features

You can activate a decoy safe, break-in attempts reports (with a photo of the intruder), the auto-lock, and the self-destruction mode.
Are you a oneSafe 3 user? You're gonna have a brand new look & feel, an Apple Watch OS 3 app, a new faster search engine (integrated with iOS Spotlight search), new animated icons on categories (super cool 😃 ), a step-by-step password reader (fullscreen, very convenient), a password safety audit, a "Most Recents" section and the Force Touch on the App icon.

oneSafe iPhone Apple Watch Android iPad tablet