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The Lunabee team is proud and excited to announce the new version of oneSafe – 2.0 and want to take the opportunity to explain you what we’ve been working on

during the last few months.

First we’ve re-engineered a large part of oneSafe’s backend to make the application safer, faster and still more reliable. As a consequence, you will now experience the best in terms of synchronization: iCloud works like a clock while the integration to DropBox is on its way and will be available soon.

Additionally we’ve improved the backup process and redesigned the main menu to give a quicker access to several oneSafe unique features, such as card scanning, document import or search for ready-made template.


So, what are the highlights of this new version ?

The new “Add” menu: you’ll find it way easier to add some content!

When we started to revamp the main “+” menu of oneSafe, we had in mind to create shortcuts to the most useful features. At the same time, we wanted it to be stylish, clear and well organized. So we decided to break it down into 3 sections, corresponding to 3 different ways to create content with oneSafe: using the ready-made templates, taking photos with your iPad or iPhone, importing existing files.

Using ready-templates:
Templates have been re-organized into 3 kinds:

Those related to your wallet & admin, such as Credit Cards, bank accounts, loyalty programs, etc.

Those related to your “online” life, such as usernames and passwords, network identifiers, etc.

And finally, the ones you can use for any other information. Moreover, you now have many more layout options.

In addition, we created a “Search Template” feature, to make it quick and easy to find specific templates.

Using your iPhone or iPad Camera:

Simply take a photo of your card, according to the dotted line, and oneSafe will automatically crop it and store it into your safe

Take a photo from your iPhone, and store it directly into oneSafe, leaving no trace in your Photo Library.

Importing existing files:

To import any type of files using your computer with iTunes.

To import any photo or video from your Photo Library, in case you need to hide it from prying eyes.


The new backup: how-to never loose any information

You can now backup any section of your safe, the “local” section as well as the iCloud section.

Besides, you can still export your backup via your local private Wi-Fi network, but also use iTunes File Sharing or even send a secure backup file by email.
backup fatures
Finally, when you restore a backup, you can now add the content of your backup to your current content, instead of replacing it.


And many more:

Full Screen mode is back :
As many of you asked for it, the full-screen view is back. With its new look, you’ll find your photos, videos or documents nicer than ever!

Break-in report: 
You now have the capability to monitor attempts to break-into your safe. Simply activate the option in the settings and oneSafe will automatically take a photo of anyone trying to enter into your safe with a wrong passcode.

Decoy Safe:
In case you need to dissemble the real content of your safe, you now have a decoy area that you can use exactly as the normal area but with a different password and fake content.

 Hidden PINs:
Just like passwords, PINs and security codes are now hidden by default. And to make it even simpler to use, we also implemented a small “show” button on the side of all these fields to quickly see their value.

Better iTunes File Sharing integration:
Document import and export has never been so easy! You can see all documents stored in the iTunes File Sharing from oneSafe and choose the ones to import. You can also export any documents to the iTunes File Sharing to easily share them.

We trust you will enjoy these new features!

oneSafe - Secure Password Manager


oneSafe can help you with your password management problems.


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