To all our valued oneSafe users,
In the last couple of days, we’ve noticed an increasing number of problems with iCloud. We tested iCloud using the latest three versions of oneSafe and the same thing happened whatever version we tried. This means that the problem lies at the server level at Apple.  So unfortunately, it’s beyond our control to solve the root cause of the problem.
To be explicit, every time oneSafe tries to communicate with the iCloud server (downloading or uploading information), there’s a high probability that the server doesn’t respond and the information gets stuck.
Nevertheless, running our tests, we’ve been able to identify a couple of work-arounds that should increase the chance of having the server respond and getting your information synchronized.


1. Upgrade:
First, it seems that upgrading your device with the latest version of iOS (6.0.2) helps a lot. If you’ve been having difficulties using iCloud with oneSafe, we recommend you install this upgrade first.


2. Work-around:
Here are a collection of tricks you can use to work around the situation with iCloud.


IssueWork Around
You get a message telling you that the “Encryption key” is missing. (Let’s call the device where this happens “Device A”).This means that the file containing the encrypted version of the encryption key hasn’t been sent properly to iCloud from another device (Device B). In this case, using the other device (Device B), export a backup of the local section and import it onto the Device A. This will “pair” Device A and B together. Doing it once will fix the problem once and for all.
An item in oneSafe is stuck with an arrow pointing upward and a small asterisk.This means that oneSafe tried to send this information to iCloud and got no response from the server. In this case, moving the item out of the iCloud section and putting it back will force oneSafe to try to synchronize it again.
A whole category created with Device B is missing from Device A.We recommend that you change this category on the device where it was created (Device B) as this will trigger another attempt to send the information through iCloud.

Finally, if none of these work-arounds work, you can always use the backup feature to replicate the content of one device onto another device, while waiting for Apple to fix their servers.

3. Moving forward:
These issues with iCloud servers have shown us that, even after one year, iCloud is still not stable enough to reach the level of expectations we have at Lunabee and we’re currently working on an alternative solution. We will let you know about it soon.

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