Hi all,

Today I’d like to introduce the new version of oneSafe.

It comes with iCloud integration improvements, a brand new full-screen view and a new way to share multiple items at once.

iCloud integration enhancements

iCloud Card status is now displayed nicely, letting you understand quickly what’s happening.

Full-screen view

Switch to full-screen mode using the dedicated button , available from the main screen or as part of the menu on any card.
Once in full screen, you can easily navigate through the cards of a category, zoom in and out on a photo or browse PDF, Word, Excel, … all the most commonly used documents.

Sharing multiple items

It now takes only 3 simple steps to share several items by email:

  1. Press the “Action” button on the top left of the screen.
  2. Select the cards you’d like to share and press the “Share” button.
  3. oneSafe is then preparing a zip-archive file, that you can protect with a password, ready to be sent by email once you press “Continue”

We trust you will enjoy these new features!

oneSafe - Secure Password Manager


oneSafe can help you with your password management problems.

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