For security reasons, when you open an item that contains a password, the password field shows only a string of black dots instead of the actual password.


Viewing a password in oneSafe for iPhone and iPad and oneSafe for Android

If you’d like to make a password visible, there are two ways to do it. One makes it permanently visible. The other gives you just a quick peek.

1. Making a password permanently visible

To make your password visible permanently, simply tap on the password field. A pop-up menu appears that includes a button marked “Show.” Hitting this button makes your password visible at all times, whether your item is open or closed.

Show PasswordTap the password field again and the “Show” button becomes a “Hide” button that lets you switch back to the black dots, so that your password is permanently hidden again.

2. Making a password momentarily visible

To simply have a quick peek at your password, just tap the “eye” icon that appears at the right-hand end of the password field. Your password will “pop up” in a large, visible font. Tap anywhere to make your password invisible again.


Viewing a password in oneSafe for Mac

To view a password in oneSafe for Mac, first click on the item. At the left-hand end of the horizontal blue bar that appears in the middle of the screen, you will see a small “eye” icon. Click on this “eye” and your password will “pop up” in a large, visible font. Click anywhere in the main screen to make your password disappear again.

Likewise, a similar “eye” icon appears when you move the cursor over the password field in your item (at the left-hand end of the password field). Clicking this “eye” will also make your password “pop up” to be momentarily visible.




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