When it comes to passwords and security, the simple truth is that the best password is one that is impossible to remember! Impossible to remember because it’s totally random, so that a hacker won’t have any clue of how to guess it.

That’s why oneSafe comes with a password generator feature to help you create strong, random passwords.

For any password field within an item, you will see a small “key” icon at the right-hand end of the field when in “Edit” mode. This “key” also appears when you first enter details into a new card template. Hitting this key opens a configurable password generator that lets you choose the length of the randomly generated password.

You can also choose which kinds of characters to include in the password; capital letters, small letters, numbers and/or special characters.

To do this in oneSafe for iPhone and iPad and oneSafe for Android, just hit “Settings” at the bottom left of the screen.

In oneSafe for Mac, the character types that you can choose are already visible.

Once you’re satisfied with the generated password, just press “Save” then “Done” and the password will be copied to the corresponding password field in your item.

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