Note: This feature is only available in oneSafe for iPhone and iPad and oneSafe Essentials. In oneSafe for Mac and oneSafe for Android, you can easily copy and paste the username and password from oneSafe into the relevant webpage using your browser of choice.

The way that oneSafe auto-fills usernames and passwords into webpages relies on a linkage between these fields in your items and the fields on the webpage.

For the predefined web account templates, this linkage is also predefined in the item. However, for items created from the “Regular Web Account” template, you need to let oneSafe know which information will go into which field. You only have to do this once; the first time you open the website.

So let’s imagine that we’ve created an item for the website, “Ebay” Our item looks like this:


Notice that to the right of the website URL there is a small arrow icon. When you press on this icon, oneSafe opens this URL in its own private web browser.


Once we’re there and, as this is the first time we’ve opened that website from this item, we just need to let oneSafe know which field on the webpage is for the username and which field is for the password. To do this, touch inside the “Username” field (you see the cursor in that field):


You will see that the “link” button in the top toolbar is highlighted. Press on it and select “Login” to let oneSafe know that the selected field corresponds to the Username.



Follow the same procedure for the password:


And that’s it! Now oneSafe knows how to fill in the username and password fields and the next time you open that website from the same card, both the username and password will be filled in automatically.

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