This page explains two of the basic concepts used in oneSafe: “item” and “category”


An item is any card, photo, document or other file stored in oneSafe. Below is an example of an item, in this case a “Regular Web Account” card featuring a website address, a username (login) and a password.



Categories are the headings under which items are stored, to keep them organized. The “Categories” screen shows a list of all your current categories. From the “Categories” screen, you can easily add new categories or delete, move and edit existing categories.

oneSafe comes with five default categories; “Computer,” “Wallet,” “Work,” “Document” and “Double Protection.”

For users of oneSafe for iPhone, to go to the “Categories” screen, simply click on the name of the category you’re currently in, at the top of the screen (e.g. “Computer”).

The categories are also represented as small dots along the bottom of the screen, the bright white dot being the category currently open. You can slide left and right to move between categories, as indicated by the dots.

Below is a screenshot from an iPhone of all the items in the “Computer” category:



Below is a screenshot of the “Categories” screen on the iPhone:



Finally, below the categories, you’ll see the “SMART VIEW” options. These are tools to enable you to retrieve your items quickly and easily from any category that is not password protected.


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