The easiest way to report a bug to our team is to do so directly within the app. You can also submit a bug report via our contact form here.


Reporting a bug in oneSafe for iPhone and iPad, oneSafe Photos and oneSafe for Android

In the “Settings” screen, tap on “About oneSafe” > “Report a bug.” This will open the email composer with an email template almost ready to send. Please fill in the “Bug description” and the “Actions leading to the bug” as accurately as possible so that we can reproduce and fix the bug. Then hit “Send.”


IMG_0792 IMG_0794IMG_0796


Reporting a bug in oneSafe for Mac

In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on “Help” > “Contact us.” This will open the contact form on the oneSafe website from where you can send us the bug description.




Thanks for getting in touch! We appreciate your feedback!

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