Importing files into oneSafe for iPhone and iPad and oneSafe Photos

There are two ways to import documents and other files into oneSafe on your iPhone or iPad –  1) from an email, or  2) from your computer using iTunes.

1. From an email

It’s easy to import a document from an email into oneSafe. Just open Mail, Safari or any other app that lets you access your email on your iDevice. Find the relevant email and tap on the attached document to open it. Once the document is open, hit the “Action” button at the top right of the screen. A menu will pop up giving you the option to “Open in oneSafe.”


IMG_1338 IMG_1339IMG_1340


Clicking on “Open in oneSafe” will open oneSafe and ask for your passcode. So enter your passcode, then hit “Yes, import.” Finally, choose the category into which you’d like to place the newly imported document. The document will then be locked away safely inside oneSafe!




2. From your computer, via iTunes

Once you’ve uploaded files from your computer into your oneSafe File Sharing folder, you can easily import those documents into oneSafe.
Menu Icon for iTunes File Sharing import


To do this, press the + button within any category to add a new item, then scroll down to “IMPORT ITEMS” and hit “iTunes File Sharing.”




You’ll then be able to see the entire contents of your oneSafe File Sharing folder arranged by file type. Simply select the files you wish to import and hit “Add.”
Please note that you can also see any exported oneSafe backup files from here, but you need to go through the “Settings” screen to import them. See this page for an explanation of how to do this.



Importing files into oneSafe for Android

In oneSafe for Android, you can import items by hitting “Add a file.” You can then browse files stored on your Android device and select the ones you’d like to import into oneSafe.



Importing files into oneSafe for Mac

In oneSafe for Mac, importing files is very straightforward. Just drag and drop the files from outside oneSafe into the category where you’d like to store them. It’s that easy!

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