It’s easy to import your usernames and passwords from an Excel file into oneSafe for Mac!

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1. In Excel, click on “File” > “Save As…” from the top menu bar.

Set the format to “Comma Separated Values (.csv)” and save this file on your computer.

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2. Open oneSafe for Mac and click on “File” > “Import” > “Import CSV.”

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3. An “Import CSV” screen will appear. Select the CSV file you just saved on your computer.

Make sure that the “field delimiter” is set to “Comma (,)” and that the “template” is set to “Web Account.”

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4. Uncheck the box at the left of any row containing information that does not need to be imported into oneSafe. In the example below, we uncheck the first two rows as they don’t contain any necessary information – one row is blank, the other contains column headings not needed by oneSafe. (In your own case, there may be other rows that you need to uncheck depending on how your original Excel document was arranged.)

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5. You now need to let oneSafe for Mac know which data from the imported items goes into which field in oneSafe’s “Web Account” template. This is easy to do!

For each column of information, just choose the most appropriate field from the dropdown list at the top of the column.

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In the example above, the columns should be set to ”Title,” ”URL”, “User Name” and “Password”.

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If you need to edit any of your information, just double click on the cell.

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6. Click on “Preview Items” to see how your items will look in oneSafe for Mac and confirm that you’ve set the fields correctly. At this stage, you can also edit or add information to any item and even choose an image for it. Click “Next” and “Previous” to move between the previews of your items. Finally hit “Finish” or “Accept All” when you’re done.

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7. Your imported items will appear in a new category in oneSafe for Mac called “CSV Import.” You can change the name of that category or move your items into other categories to keep them in the order that best suits your needs.

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