iCloud can be used to sync data across all your Apple devices

If you have two or more devices with oneSafe (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Mac), you can sync the data stored in oneSafe across all your devices in real time using iCloud or Dropbox. This page explains how to sync using iCloud. For synching with Dropbox, please go to this page.

Please note that iCloud synching is only available for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac). If you have oneSafe on an Android device and want to sync with it, you’ll need to use Dropbox.

In oneSafe, synching works at the level of categories. For each category, oneSafe lets you choose whether that category is to be synched across all your devices using iCloud or Dropbox, or whether that category is just to be stored locally on your iDevice.

To sync your data via iCloud, first ensure that you’ve configured iCloud correctly on your iDevice.


Synching categories with iCloud

To sync categories across all your Apple devices using iCloud, you simply have to move those categories into the iCloud section.
To do this:

  • Go to the oneSafe “Settings” screen and tap on “Synchronization.”



  • Then simply drag and drop all the categories that you you want to sync via iCloud into the “ICLOUD” section. Drag and drop categories by holding the movebutton on the right of each category and dragging it to the desired location.


IMG_1320IMG_1318 IMG_1319


Another way to sync categories with iCloud

As well as going to “Synchronization” in the “Settings” screen, there’s another way to arrange for individual categories to be synched via iCloud.

  • In the “Categories” screen, hit “Edit” at the top right. This will display all your categories in “Edit” mode.
  • Tap on the category you wish to sync via iCloud. You will then see the “Detail” screen for that category.
  • At the bottom, under “Synchronization,” select “iCloud” then hit “Done.”


IMG_1353 IMG_1354IMG_1415


It’s that easy! Your category will now be synched across all your Apple devices via iCloud!

Repeat this for all the categories you’d like to sync using iCloud.


See at a glance which categories are synched via iCloud

When you enter a category after doing this, you’ll notice that the dots at the bottom of the screen have changed to small “cloud” icons for the categories that are now synched via iCloud.

You’ll also notice a “cloud” icon to the right of these categories in the “Categories” screen. Thus, you can instantly see which categories are synched via iCloud, which are synched via Dropbox (they have a small box icon) and which are stored only locally on your iDevice (they have no icon).



Technical explanation of how iCloud is used – if you really want to delve deep!

iCloud is used in two different ways:

1. Directly by an app like oneSafe: An app can use iCloud to synchronize the data between your different devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac). oneSafe uses iCloud in this way. Everything stored under the iCloud section within oneSafe will be stored in the oneSafe area of your iCloud account and shared in real time by any other devices using oneSafe and connected to the same iCloud account.

2. By your iPhone/iPad operating system (iOS) when performing a backup: This way is not relevant to oneSafe synching, but is useful to know! Your iPhone/iPad system performs a backup of its contents on iCloud, regardless of whether the individual apps use iCloud or not. In this case, everything which is not recoverable by another means is archived and stored on your iCloud account in the “backup” area. As such, this process will archive only the information which is not already stored in the iCloud section of oneSafe. Please note, however, that to restore this kind of backup, you’ll need to totally re-initialize your iDevice.

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