The following is a list of images that indicate the current status of an item on the iCloud. These images may appear on items you have stored in the iCloud section of oneSafe.

This item needs to be downloaded from the iCloud and a preview is being generated.

Card on iCloud








This item has been downloaded from the iCloud but requires the oneSafe password from your other device to be able to read it.
(e.g. If an item has been synched from your iPhone to your iPad via iCloud, you will have to enter the oneSafe password you use on your iPhone to be able to read the item in oneSafe on your iPad.)

Need to insert key








The preview of this item is being generated.

Preview Needs to be Calculated








An error has occurred during generation of the item preview.

Error in Preview Calculation








When items on the iCloud get updated, there can be four different kinds of status:

The update needs to be uploaded to the iCloud.                                    The update is currently being uploaded to the iCloud.








An update is available on the iCloud, but not yet downloaded.               An update is currently being downloaded from the iCloud.



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