Setting up iCloud synching for oneSafe on your iDevice is a simple two-step process:


1. Configuring your iDevice

First you need to make sure that your iDevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) is configured correctly. Under your iDevice’s “Settings” menu, hit “iCloud.”



Your screen will now look something like this:



Make sure that the iCloud account set up on your device is the same as the one set up on your other iDevices and on your Mac, so that you’ll be able to sync information across all your devices.

Then scroll down and tap on “Documents & Data” to enter the “Documents & Data” screen. Make sure the “Documents & Data” button is switched to “ON,” as well as the “oneSafe” button below it (the button’s background goes green). This allows oneSafe to store information in your iCloud account.


2. Configuring oneSafe

Finally, you need to activate iCloud in oneSafe as well as in the general settings of your iDevice. To do this, enter oneSafe, then go to the oneSafe “Settings” screen and hit “Synchronization.” Then slide the ” iCloud” button to “ON” (the button’s background goes green).

photo 1-2 photo 2-4

 And you’re all set! You’ll now be able to use iCloud to sync the information you have stored in oneSafe between all your iDevices, as well as your Mac!

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