Configuring an iCloud account for oneSafe on your Mac is a simple, two-step process.


1. Configuring your Mac

First, check the system preferences for iCloud on your Mac. To do this, simply go to “System Preferences” > “iCloud.”




Verify that the iCloud account set up on your Mac is the same as the one set up on your iDevices. Your account name should appear on the left of the pop-up screen; double-check it by clicking on “Account Details.”
Also make sure that the “Documents & Data” box has been checked.




2. Configuring oneSafe

Next, open oneSafe for Mac and click on “oneSafe” (top left of the screen) > “Preferences” > “Synchronization.” Click on “Activate” beside “iCloud” to set up iCloud synching.


Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 1.30.23 PM

Once activated, oneSafe for Mac will ask you which categories you’d like to move to iCloud for synching. To learn more about synching categories via iCloud, please go to this page.

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