1.The first time you open oneSafe, it will ask you to choose a passcode. You can pick either a four-digit PIN, an alphanumeric password, a visual pattern or a TRI-PIN code.
2. Start using oneSafe by adding some content. To do so, simply tap the + button.
3. Hit the “Select” button Action Button to export, move, copy or delete multiple items.
4. Your current category is shown here. Switch category by pressing this button, or by sliding left or right.
5. The “Display” button Full Screen Button lets you choose how you’d like to view your items;
as thumbnails, in a list or in full screen mode.
6. The “Settings” button Settings Button takes you to the “Settings” screen that allows you to configure the multiple security features, back up your data, set up iCloud and Dropbox synching, get help or give us some feedback.
7. Press on a category title to go to the “Categories” screen and see a list of all your categories.
From the “Categories” screen, press “Edit” to add, move, delete or edit categories.

  • Press on a category to edit its properties.
  • Press on Delete Categories Button to delete a category.
  • Press and drag Move Categories Button to move a category.
  • Press on the + button to create a new category.

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