Different options are available in oneSafe for you to add content quickly and easily. To begin, press the + button located in the top toolbar within any category.

You can then add content to oneSafe using three different methods:

USING A TEMPLATE:  Enter information using a ready-made template.

USING YOUR CAMERA:  Use your device’s camera to “shoot” new content.

IMPORTING ITEMS:  Import photos, videos, documents and other files into oneSafe.



This method for adding content is available in all versions of oneSafe except oneSafe Photos.

oneSafe comes with over 100 predefined templates. For convenience, they are organized into three main categories:

WALLET & ADMIN:  Templates for credit cards, bank accounts, loyalty programs, etc. –  the type of information you’re likely to carry in your wallet.

USERNAME / PASSWORD:  Templates related to your computer and online life, each one with fields for your username and password.

ALL PURPOSE TEMPLATES:  These can be used for any other information you want to store in a card format. There are five different layouts to choose from. And remember, you can always change the background color of each card if you want to create a different look.

In addition, the “Search for a template” feature makes it quick and easy to find specific templates.




This method for adding content to oneSafe is available in oneSafe for iPhone and iPadoneSafe Photos and oneSafe for Android.

SCAN A CARD: Use this option to take a photo of any card. Frame the image within the dotted line and oneSafe will automatically crop it and store it in your safe. This feature is very useful to quickly and easily import all the information you have in your wallet.

PHOTO OR VIDEO: Take a photo or video from your iPhone or iPad and store it directly into oneSafe, leaving no trace in your photo library.




In oneSafe for iPhone and iPad and oneSafe Photos, you can import items in two ways:

iTUNES FILE SHARING:  oneSafe allows you to import files from your computer using iTunes. In oneSafe, you can store all the most common document formats: PDF, Word, Excel, Pages, Keynote, etc. See this page to learn more about this feature.

PHOTO OR VIDEO:  You can also import any photo or video from your iDevice’s photo library. Please note that the photos or videos won’t be removed automatically from the photo library after import. You’ll need to delete them manually from the photo library if you wish to keep them only within your safe and not for public view.


In oneSafe for Android, you can import items by hitting “Add a file.” You can then browse files stored on your Android device and select the ones you’d like to import into oneSafe.


In oneSafe for Mac, importing items is very simple. Just drag and drop them into the desired category inside oneSafe. It’s that easy!


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