This page explains how to add, edit, move and delete categories in oneSafe. For an explanation of categories see this page.




Editing categories in oneSafe for iPhone and iPad, oneSafe Photos and oneSafe for Android

The screenshot below shows the “Categories” screen on an iPhone:


After hitting the “Edit” button, the screen will look something like this:


  • You can delete a specific category using the red button. Be careful, however, as all items stored in a category will be erased if you delete the category.


  • You can create a new category using the plus button. You will then be asked to give a title and description for your new category. Plus, you can also choose an icon and a motif and protect the new category with a password if you like. If Dropbox or iCloud synching is turned on, you can also choose whether you’d like the category to be synched across all your devices via iCloud or Dropbox, or stored only locally on your device.


  • Hold the  move button to drag the categories into your desired order.


  • You can edit the details of a specific category (name, description, motif, icon, password protection and sync options) by pressing on the category name while in “Edit” mode. The following screen will then appear:


Editing categories in oneSafe for Mac

The buttons for adding, editing and deleting categories are found in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 1.09.07 PM


To change the order of the categories , simply drag and drop the name of the category into the desired position.


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