Dropbox can be used to sync data between all your devices

If you have two or more devices with oneSafe (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or an Android device), you can sync your data across all your devices in real time using Dropbox. This page explains how.

In oneSafe, synching works at the level of categories. For each category, oneSafe lets you choose whether that category is to be synched across all your devices using Dropbox or whether that category is just to be stored locally on your Android device.

Configuring Dropbox in oneSafe for Android

First, before you can set up synching, you need to make sure that Dropbox is correctly configured in oneSafe.

  • Go to the oneSafe “Settings” screen and tap on “Dropbox” under “Synchronization.” A screen will pop up saying “Link to Dropbox?” Tap on “Link” to proceed.

1  Screenshot_2014-01-29-10-25-15 Screenshot_2014-01-29-10-25-22


  •  Enter your Dropbox email address and password and hit “Sign in.” Then hit “Allow” to permit oneSafe to create a folder in your Dropbox account.

Screenshot_2014-01-29-10-25-50  Screenshot_2014-01-29-10-27-30

oneSafe is now configured to work with Dropbox!


Synching categories with Dropbox

To synch categories across all your devices using Dropbox, you simply have to move those categories into the Dropbox section.

  •  Select which categories you’d like to move to Dropbox and hit “Move.”

Screenshot_2014-01-29-10-27-38  Screenshot_2014-01-29-10-27-48


Another way to sync categories with Dropbox

As well as moving categories when you initially set up Dropbox, there’s another way to arrange for individual categories to be synched via Dropbox.

  • Hit the “Edit” button at the bottom left of the categories screen. This will display the categories in “Edit” mode.

 Screenshot_2014-01-29-10-29-03 Screenshot_2014-01-29-10-29-08


  • Tap on the category you wish to sync via Dropbox. This will take you to the “Details” screen for that category. Select “Dropbox” in the Synchronization options and hit the “check”    23icon at the top right.



It’s that easy! Your category will now be synched across all your devices via Dropbox!

Repeat this for all the categories you’d like to sync using Dropbox.


See at a glance which categories are synched by Dropbox

From now on, in the “Categories” screen you’ll notice a “Dropbox” icon to the right of all the categories that are synched via Dropbox. Thus, you can instantly see which categories are synched and which are stored only locally on your Android Device (they have no icon).


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