This page explains how you can quickly and easily restore a oneSafe backup file from your computer into oneSafe on your iDevice, using iTunes.

For instructions on how to create and export the backup file in the first place, please refer to this page.


Restoring a backup using iTunes File Sharing with oneSafe for iPhone and iPad and oneSafe Photos

1. If your backup file is not already in your oneSafe iTunes File Sharing folder, you will need to upload it from where you have it stored on your computer. So first connect your iDevice to your computer using a cable and open iTunes on your computer.

2. Add the oneSafe backup file to your oneSafe iTunes File Sharing folder using iTunes on your computer. You can then disconnect your iDevice from your computer.

3. In oneSafe on your iDevice, go to “Settings” > “Backup” > “Import” > “Upload from iTunes.”

4. At this stage, you can see the list of all the backup files stored in your iTunes File Sharing folder. Pick the one that you wish to restore.

5. Enter the encryption key you chose when you originally exported this backup file, then hit “Next.”

6. You will then need to choose whether you want to “Append” the restored data to your current content (i.e. keep the current content and add the restored data to it) or whether you want to “Replace” the content you already have (i.e. erase your current content in the process).

7. Your backed up data will then be restored!

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