This page explains how you can quickly and easily restore a oneSafe backup file from an email into oneSafe on your device.

For instructions on how to create the backup file in the first place, please refer to this page.


Restoring a backup file from email using oneSafe for iPhone and iPad, oneSafe Photos and
oneSafe for Android

1. On your device, open your Mail application, then open the email with the oneSafe backup file attached (typically the email sent when exporting the backup).

2. Press on the attached “.osbx” file. It will begin downloading.

3. Tap on it again and you will then be asked with which app you want to open this file. Choose “Open in oneSafe.”

4. This will open oneSafe. Enter your passcode. You will then be asked to confirm the import. Press on “Yes, import.”

5. oneSafe will now ask you for your encryption key. Enter the encryption key you chose when you exported this backup, then hit “Next.”

6. You will then need to choose whether you want to “Append” the restored data to your current content (i.e. keep the current content and add the restored data to it) or whether you want to “Replace” the content you already have (i.e. erase your current content in the process).

7. Your backed up data will then be restored!


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