Making a backup in oneSafe for iPhone and iPadoneSafe Photos and oneSafe for Android

It’s easy to make a backup of all the information you have stored in oneSafe thanks to the oneSafe backup feature. This allows you to export the contents of your app onto your computer for safekeeping using your Wi-Fi network, iTunes Files Sharing or email. The data to be exported is stored in an encrypted oneSafe backup file ending in “.osbx”  For security reasons the “.osbx” file can only be opened using oneSafe.

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1. Go to the “Settings” screen and select “Backup.”

2. Hit “Export.”

3. Type in an encryption key. This is essentially a password to unlock your data at a later time. Please remember your encryption key, as you’ll need it to restore the backup later. Enter the encryption key again in the “Confirm” field, then hit “Next.”

4. At this point, oneSafe has created the backup file, but still holds this file. There are three different ways to export this file for storage. (Only the last way, by email, is currently available in oneSafe for Android):

Export to iTunes: this is the recommended way to export large backup files (more than 10MB). You will then need to connect your iDevice to your computer to store the backup file there. For information on how to use iTunes File Sharing to do this, please refer to this page.

Export via Wi-Fi: this option will let you download the backup file from a webpage on your computer. A URL is provided to you. On the computer where you want to store the backup file, type this URL into your internet browser. A webpage will open with a large icon in the middle of the page. Click on this icon to download the backup file directly onto your computer.

Export by Email: the backup file is attached to an email that can be sent to you or anyone else.

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