An extra security feature in oneSafe for iPhone and iPad and oneSafe Photos is one that allows you to protect the real contents of your safe by setting up a decoy safe with a decoy passcode. This feature creates a second database inside the oneSafe app – one designed to store fake content.

The way it works is very simple – just set up a decoy passcode. Then anyone who logs in to your app using the decoy passcode will enter the decoy safe. Your real passcode remains unchanged and will still give you access to your real safe with your real, private content.

To set up the decoy passcode, enter oneSafe then go to “Settings” > “Decoy safe.” Switch the decoy safe to “ON.” You’ll then be asked to enter a decoy passcode. You can change this passcode at any time by returning to this screen.



Now, next time you enter oneSafe, if you enter using your decoy passcode, you’ll find yourself inside your decoy safe. There you can add whatever “fake” content serves your purpose!

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