I can’t really imagine life today without passwords – whether we’re checking our emails, social media accounts or online banking accounts. And more the number of email accounts, social media sites, forums, etc. that you visit, the more your life depends on your passwords. The list of passwords you need to create and remember just goes on and on.

It all starts when you come in to work. You punch in your 4-digit office door code to get in. You log into your computer using a username and password. Check your office email, Gmail and Yahoo email accounts – all different usernames and passwords. Login to Skype and other IMs – 3 sets of usernames and passwords. Access shared documents – require a password. Upload files using FTP – address and password. Check online banking accounts – separate passwords for each of them. Login to Facebook – what are the login details? Access twitter – another password!!

What’s even worse is that you need to change your passwords at least once every 45 days, as recommended by most online security experts.

So what do you do about this?

One Password Fits All ?

Most people use the same password everywhere. I bet out of all the online accounts you have, you use the same password for at least 3 of them. It’s definitely easy to remember but if a hacker gets through to one of your accounts, he is in all of them in a matter of seconds. You don’t want to risk that happening to you, do you?

Write Them Down ?

So you say you never use the same password twice. Then how do you remember an ever growing list of passwords you require on a daily basis. Do you have them all at the back of your head or do you find it easier scribbling them down on a small piece of paper kept away from prying eyes? If it’s the latter then you might want to rethink your approach to security. A password remembered is much more secure than a password written down for the simple reason that someone else can find it and break into your account.

Use Common Passwords ?

Despite innumerable hacking attacks recently, an amazingly large number of people continue to use some of the most predictable passwords which make breaking into their account a walk in the park for hackers. Passwords such as “123456”, “password” and “abc123” are used over and over again by people despite them being known as the most commonly used passwords. Very few people take the effort to use non-alphanumeric characters (eg. @#$%&*) to make their password stronger.

Your online life depends on your passwords and will only get more dependent on them as time goes by. Creating strong passwords and securing them is of utmost importance as none of us can risk having our online life compromised.

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