At Lunabee, we believe that the most effective applications are the ones in which users have the highest quality experience.  The app’s user interface (UI), intuitiveness, screen flow, navigation, layout, etc. all collectively create that distinctive user experience and determine the ease-of-use and visual impression.

As users browse the App Store looking for new apps to download, they judge their potential purchases based on design. So even before an app is downloaded, the first aspect that is noticed about it is its visuals – its icons, color scheme, fonts and background images. Designing the ‘perfect’ UI is an integral phase in app development and has a critical impact on how successfully you can drive downloads and retain users. With over 700,000 apps available on the App Store today, it is one of the most effective ways of getting your app to stand out and get noticed.

That’s why at Lunabee we go the extra mile to develop a pixel-perfect user interface with a sleek and clean design. In fact, each feature included in our apps is developed with at least two or three levels of iteration before we attain the level of superior design we target. We also ensure, through the app’s seamless flow, that users transition from one screen to the next with no lag whatsoever.

With our password manager app ‘oneSafe’ for instance, we have strived to design an immensely stylish yet practical user interface. It has over 100 gorgeous templates to choose from, letting users customize the look to their tastes. Elements like categories and cards within the app are neatly embedded in the clean and simple interface, which makes storing information very easy with a minimal overall learning curve.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s words, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” we at Lunabee aspire to create engaging experiences for our users by designing simple yet artistically beautiful looking apps.

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