You can now quickly import an entire batch of passwords directly into oneSafe for Mac!


With the latest update to oneSafe, you can import (and export) your data from a “.csv” file. So you no longer need to manually enter details for each of your 100+ passwords while transferring your data from another password manager. All your passwords are imported into oneSafe in one go!

How does it work?
Simply export your data from your current password manager, most of them will allow you to create a .csv file with all your data.
If you have data in an excel file, you can save it in .csv.
Then, in oneSafe on your Mac, click on “File” > “Import” > “Import CSV”
You simply need to select the oneSafe template you’d like to use and your data will be imported in the app.
This video will show you how it works step by step!


Behind the app - Search feature on Mac version of oneSafe


We hope you’ll enjoy this feature! Please note you can also import the passwords stored in your Keychain, so that all your confidential data is locked in oneSafe!

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