The last three weeks have been very busy for our development team in Chambéry, France. They’re always up for a challenge when it comes to delivering new features for the next major update to one of our apps!

Our main project at the moment is bringing all the advanced functions of the fully-featured version of oneSafe iOS to the Android version. So now that we’re releasing oneSafe for Android version 1.1, these are the features we’ve added:

  • double-protection categories
  • support for all file types (photos, documents, videos, etc.)
  • the ability to scan cards
  • the “search” feature

We’ve also redesigned the “add item” menu to make adding items quicker and easier. You’ll now see two new tabs: “get started” when you need some help on what you can put in your safe; and “most used templates” that brings up the most commonly used templates, not only by you but also by our community of users. (We found out what these were thanks to a users survey we did a few weeks ago!) We think this feature should prove to be really handy, so we’ll probably add it to the iOS and Mac versions of oneSafe as well.

It’s exciting for us to see oneSafe for Android evolving! To highlight the new features, Kais decided to create a pretty awesome short video.  Check it out below and share it on Facebook if you like it. 😉

And please help us to spread the word: oneSafe for Android is now even more awesome with this new version 1.1!

Meanwhile, our development team is not stopping there. They’re already hard at work on the implementation of Dropbox with oneSafe for Android. So stay tuned for that in our next release!


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