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Password manager for Windows Phone [beta – free]

The secure vault for private information on your Windows Phone.

Safeguard your passwords and other confidential data with watertight security.


oneSafe Windows Phone

Supercharge your online security

Watertight security for your confidential data

oneSafe Windows Phone SecurityoneSafe protects your data with the highest level of encryption that exists: AES-256. So you can rest easy, knowing that your confidential information is totally secure!

Create super-strong passwords


oneSafe can also help you out with the security of your internet accounts. The app comes with a handy password generator that creates randomly-generated passwords to meet your desired level of security, including super-complex ones that no hacker will ever be able to break!

Intuitive, simple and easy to use

Over 100 ready-made templates

oneSafe Windows Phone Templates

Entering your data is quick and easy with oneSafe’s ready-made templates. Credit card numbers, bank account details, email accounts, PIN codes and much more – you’ll find cards you need to allow you to quickly enter all your information and keep it locked away inside your impregnable safe!

Easily manage and organize your data

oneSafe Windows Phone User Interface

Once you’ve entered your data, it’s easy to keep it organized and easy to retrieve thanks to oneSafe’s categories, as well as the “Favorites” and “Search” features. So you’ll have all your data instantly accessible whenever and wherever you need it!

Features that make your life easier

Access websites with a single click

oneSafe Windows Phone Browse Web

oneSafe for Windows Phone lets you open websites with just a single click. Then copy and paste your passwords across so you can enter quickly and easily and with total security!

Secure data backup

oneSafe Windows Phone Backup

oneSafe allows you to back up all the information you have stored inside your safe and then store it on OneDrive or on your computer or in an email for safekeeping. And don’t worry, your backup files are encrypted with impregnable security, just like all the other data inside oneSafe!


oneSafe for Windows Phone [beta] is available worldwide from the Windows Phone app store.

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oneSafe for Windows Phone beta is a free app