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Get organized

Secure photos and videos in one safe place

2b_ Store everything

With oneSafe pix, there’s no more stress about wondering where you stored that jpeg or movie clip. Keep them all in oneSafe pix and you’ll never waste time hunting for lost files again! Whether it’s photos of your last vacation or sensitive pictures and videos that you can’t afford anyone to get their hands on, oneSafe pix is that one safe place for all your audiovisual files.

Arranged by category


Once stored, finding your pics and videos is quick and easy with oneSafe pix multiple categories that keep all your material well ordered. And you can create as many new categories as your heart desires; whatever it takes to give you the optimal user experience! Plus, “Favorites” and “Search” features let you access your valuable content even faster.

Works like a breeze

Great interoperability

4_ Interoperability

oneSafe Pix easily integrates with iOS, leveraging all the possibilities of other Apps. Simply publish your photos to your iCloud account, send them by email, or save them into your photo library.


Import and export in seconds

3_ Import from your photo library

Getting content inside your safe is super fast and easy. So is sharing it with others. You can import multiple photos and videos from your photo library.  And export them the same way.  Or upload and download material to and from your computer with a USB cable and iTunes.  Or forward pictures and movie clips via email. Wherever you’ve got photos and videos stored, it’s easy to get them into oneSafe and easy to send them out into the world as well!


A burglarproof safe

Watertight security

7_Password Types

Once you’ve got your photos and videos into oneSafe pix, you can relax. No hacker will ever be able to get inside to see them. This is because oneSafe pix encrypts your content with the highest level of encryption possible (AES 256) to ensure maximum security. In addition, the app also comes with an auto-lock feature and four different password types to choose from. Plus, oneSafe pix features double protection categories to keep safe your most sensitive material.


Decoy safe


To further conceal the real contents of your safe, oneSafe pix comes with a decoy safe that functions exactly like your normal safe, but with a different password.  So if you have to share your content with someone, give them the decoy safe password and keep your shared content there. But keep your most precious material locked away inside your real safe!


More security features

Monitor break-in attempts


Every time someone tries to open your safe by entering an incorrect password, you can set up your app to record the event by taking a picture of the person who tried to break in.  They’ll be caught red-handed. And most likely red-faced too!


Self-destruct option


Want to make 100% sure that no one can access your data even if someone steals your iDevice? Then set up the self-destruction feature. This will permanently erase all your data after three unsuccessful attempts to log in to your safe. It’s drastic, but it’s the ultimate way to ensure that your valuable material does not get into the wrong hands.



Superb user interface

Gorgeous viewer


oneSafe pix comes with a gorgeous, full screen, photo and video viewer so that your pictures will look more stunning than ever! The whole app comes with a sleek user interface, fully supporting retina display. This makes it the most visually attractive photo safe available on the App Store!



Customize the look & feel

oneSafe pix readily adapts to your needs and tastes to allow you to create the set-up that works best for you. You can create new categories, delete old ones or change the order in which they appear. You can also modify the motif and color for each category to create the look and feel that suits you best.

oneSafe featured as part of the All times Editor's choice in France

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oneSafe 2nd best password for iPhone

Even though oneSafe is incredibly powerful, it remains incredibly user-friendly

Allyson Kazmucha - iMore
oneSafe listed in top password managers on Cnet

Listed in top password managers

Joshua Rotter - Cnet
oneSafe is part of Wired password management App Guide


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Stuff Magazine

oneSafe is part of 49 achievements Singapore and Singaporeans can be proud of

Stuff Magazine - Aug 2014
oneSafe featured as password manager on MacWorld

oneSafe is well built, robust, and easy to use

Marco Tabini - Macworld
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[oneSafe] has cuter graphics than its rivals

Kit Eaton - New York Times
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oneSafe is easily one of the best password managers on iOS

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