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“Nicely designed. Easy to use. Very functional. Brings some innovative features.”
Mac Review
“OneSafe deserves much praise for its tight security features and its wide gallery of account templates and customisation options.”
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“OneSafe is well built, robust, and easy to use—all excellent attributes for a password-management app.“
Mac World
“One of the best security apps out there, and a must-have for anyone with an active digital life.”
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Secure and sync your personal information

All your personal information in one safe place

Forgot your PIN? Can’t remember your frequent flyer number? Struggling to memorize an ever-increasing number of passwords? Relax. With oneSafe, your problem’s solved! oneSafe lets you store all your personal information in one place with complete security. You’ll never get stressed about remembering passwords again. You’ll have them all at your fingertips with oneSafe! Plus, its well-organized system of categories, favorites and search features lets you find your stored information quickly and easily.

 iCloud and Dropbox sync between your devices

oneSafe allows you to sync your content in real-time across all your devices using iCloud and/or Dropbox – iCloud works between all your Apple devices, Dropbox covers your Android devices as well! So now you can access your personal information whenever and wherever you need it and on whichever device you happen to be using. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that your data synched through iCloud or Dropbox is encrypted and can only be accessed with your oneSafe password.


User friendly features

Intuitive user interface

oneSafe’s sleek design and intuitive user interface makes it a pleasure to use. Plus, the app readily adapts to your needs and tastes to allow you to create the set-up that works best for you. You can create new categories, delete old ones or change the order in which they appear. You can also modify the background and color of each item to create the look and feel that suits you best.


Drag and drop feature saves time

Getting content inside your safe is super fast and easy with oneSafe Mac’s handy drag and drop feature. Drag and drop files from anywhere on your Mac to have them locked away inside oneSafe in an instant. Plus, you can take them out of oneSafe using drag and drop too. Wherever you’ve got your personal information stored, it’s quick and easy to get it into oneSafe and quick and easy to to take it out when you need to as well!

Impregnable security

Highest level of security possible

oneSafe security

With oneSafe, your confidential information has never been so well protected. oneSafe uses the highest level of encryption that exists (AES 256). Your information is decoded in real time and only at the moment you access it. With a password specific to the app, an auto-lock feature, plus double protection categories for your most important information, oneSafe gives you watertight protection. It’s like Fort Knox on your Mac!

Multiple ways to enter


oneSafe gives you the choice of four different password types to unlock the app. Choose from a classic four-digit PIN, a sophisticated alphanumeric password, a visual pattern or a combination lock wheel. You can then choose a different type of password for the double protection categories or stick with the same type as your main entry code. Whatever type of password setup you prefer, oneSafe adapts to your needs.

oneSafe Mac goes the extra mile

Password generator for strong passwords


If you can’t think of a good, strong password, don’t worry. oneSafe will do it for you! oneSafe comes with a unique password generator to help you create strong, random passwords for impregnable online security. You just need to choose how long you’d like the password to be and whether you want it to include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters or a mix of all four elements. oneSafe will then come up with a password that’s virtually impossible to hack.

Automatic backup


oneSafe Mac makes automatic backups of your precious data at regular intervals. Simply set up the backup frequency, the folder where you’d like the encrypted backup files to be stored and how long you want to keep them. oneSafe does the rest! So you can breathe easy, knowing that whatever happens, you’ll able to recover your stored data quickly and easily. One less thing for you to worry about!

oneSafe is available worldwide from the Mac App Store in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Korean.


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