Only one password to remember

All your personal information at your fingertips

All your personal information at your fingertips

Do you struggle to remember all those usernames, passwords and entry codes that modern life has forced upon you? Do you forget your PIN right at the moment when you most need it? Relax. With oneSafe, you’ll never have to worry about remembering passwords again. You’ll have them all at your fingertips whenever you need them. And all locked away safely under watertight security.

Choose your preferred way to enter

Choose your favorite way to enter the App

Enter oneSafe using either an alphanumerical password, a four-digit PIN or a visual pattern. Now you have only one password to remember, so choose it carefully!

Information security of the highest level

“Top secret” level encryption

oneSafe security

All the oneSafe apps employ the highest level of encryption that exists – AES 256. It’s the same level that governments use for data that’s classified “Top Secret.” Using oneSafe is like having Fort Knox in your pocket!

Generate super-tough passwords

Generate super-tough passwords

oneSafe comes with a variety of security features including a password generator that allows you to create super strong passwords to maximise your online security. The passwords you create will be locked away safely inside oneSafe so you don’t have to try to memorize them; you’ll have them at your fingertips whenever you need them! A password change reminder is also included in the app, as well as an auto-lock feature – all designed to maximise your information security!

Enjoy the oneSafe experience!

Stunning user interface

Stunning user interface

Quite simply, oneSafe looks great! And its intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to use. You can add content super easily using ready-made templates. Plus, you can modify certain features to create the set-up that suits you best. You can also create new categories, choose icons for each of them and delete old ones. Create a look and feel that’s unique to you!

Access your data easily

Access your data super easily

oneSafe lets your keep your passwords and other personal information arranged in categories. That way, it’s easy to retrieve your info when you need it. Plus, you can mark items as “Favorites” for fast access and “Search” for items if you can’t remember where you stored them. oneSafe takes the stress out of storing and retrieving your most valuable information! And you can also back up your data so you’ll always have a stored copy in case you need it.

Find your data where you need it

Transfer your content

oneSafe Android export and import backup files of your passwords

The “import & export” feature allows you to transfer your oneSafe content between oneSafe for iOS, oneSafe for Mac and oneSafe for Android very easily. You just need to export a backup file from your oneSafe for iOS or oneSafe for Mac and then import it into oneSafe for Android. This process also works in reverse, from Android to iOS or Mac!

Synchronize your data

oneSafe for Android works with DropBox to synch your passwords across all your devices

Additionally, oneSafe for Android comes with Dropbox integration which allows you to sync your content between your Android devices and Apple devices. All your synced content is updated automatically in real-time and you can access it whenever and wherever you need it!


oneSafe for Android is available worldwide from the “Google Play” store in English, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

Get oneSafe for Android from the Google Play store !

Buy oneSafe for Android from the Google Play store for $5.99 (US)